Glenn Barres, Jr

Web Developer, Consultant, and Project Manager in Port Charlotte, FL

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Swift on my feet and a song in my heart, I am infatuated with the creative process and have no fear in exploring new things. Forever (mostly) bold, honest to a fault and good natured; my mission is to create a world of abundance & equality through the development of Impact focused products and services. I believe that Impact is the currency of the Universe and Karma is the accountant.

I've been an imagineer all my life and with that comes many adventures. I like to think of myself as a mashup between Nikola Tesla, Leonardo da Vinci, Elon Musk and Ray Kurzweil, I'll let you be the judge on how accurate that is though.

My primary interests involve, but are not limited to:

* Systems of equality [political, commercial, industrial]

* Web technology of every sort but mostly collaborative,

* Neuroscience or pretty much anything to do with the brain, [mind and brain]

* Video games, [playing and creating]

* Education, [in processes and in substance]

* Business development [in general]

* human machine interfacing [general]

* big data

* process management (automation)

* enterprise management technology

* networks

So in short, if you have a problem, I can find a solution.You can click the button above to visit my website. If you’d like to get in touch or feel free to say hello through any of the social links below.

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