GNP Energy

Power supplier and Nordic company in Danmark

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We are GNP Energy, and we have a simple mission to provide energy that is fair, low-cost and with excellent customer service. We aim to challenge the monopoly of large corporations with a local approach to our businesses. We have offices across the Nordic countries of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, all of which we supply energy to. That means that your energy is truly provided by a local, privately owned company.

We don’t believe in making large profits based on the rates at which we sell energy to our customers, we believe that you should pay a fair and affordable rate for the energy you buy from us. That’s why we created the Advantage Plus Energy package. With Advantage Plus, you pay a simple connection fee of DKK 25,- per month and then a rate per kWh of energy you use. That rate is based on the market rate and tracks the rise and, crucially, the fall of the rate, and with our promise that you will pay what we pay for energy, you are guaranteed the lowest possible rate.

If you want a little more certainty in your energy package, you can also purchase our Ide-el package. Here you also pay a fixed DKK 25,- per month connection fee and then a simple, fixed and low-cost rate per kWh used. The rate is set low and is fixed for the term of your contract, so you know what you’ll be spending, but the rate won’t reflect the market rate as the Advantage Plus package does.

If you’re already ready to make the switch, why not head over to the website; and choose your country. Here you can chat with our excellent customer service team who will answer any questions you might have before starting the switch process which can be done in as little as 2 minutes. All you need is your mobile phone number, CPR number and some personal details and, of course, details of your electricity meters, then you can sit back and relax as we do the rest and get you to join the community of over 241,500 customers who are already enjoying low-cost and friendly energy.