Hedegaard Lausen

Several Runescape fan internet sites (like Tip.it, Sal's, RSBandB, RuneAddict etc.) give blogging abilities with their members and, obviously, there are blogger.com and wordpress.com tools. Therefore, yes, there are thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands of Runescape sites today. But what are they? What's their audience? Just how much of good use and interesting information is it possible to found there?

Little Let us face it, majority of so-called Runescape Blogs are easy skill...

Runescape Blogs, huh?

Many Runescape lover sites (like Tip.it, Sal's, RSBandB, RuneAddict etc.) provide blogging features to their people and, needless to say, you will find blogger.com and wordpress.com tools. Therefore, yes, there are hundreds, perhaps even 1000s of Runescape sites nowadays. But what are they? What is their audience? How much interesting and of use information are you able to found there?

Not much Let's face it, most so-called Runescape Blogs are basic skilling diaries, which are of interest simply to their authors and a number of close friends. Generally what you should discover there are skilling some time points of particular skilling practices, reports of activities and screenshots, revisions on goals. There are also blogs of pkers, and their audience is also not a lot of (in this instance to a certain pking tribe or community). You can find blogs which shadow Runescape events and changes area or shadow a certain lover site by publishing books and articles. Nothing really new is there. Finally, there are blogs that started as Runescape blogs but wound up being only 'blogs', you realize, diaries for individual records whit rarely anything about Runescape. These blogs may be interesting, although not about Runescape. Is that?

No. Luckily, no.

There certainly are a few bloggers out there who enjoy exchanging thoughtful and analytic views about Runescape, changes in the game, skills, events, revisions an such like. Some time the posts are confusing with daily skilling posts, however it is OK (we are all people after all). It's always a pleas-ure to go into a mature conversation and find a great Runescape analytic post. Also a fascinating phenomena is the fact that discussions in-such websites are a whole lot more mature evaluating to similar discussions on boards and fan site. It is often a pain to record through numerous pages on a community subject simply to find one or two coherent threads, w