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"Truly the greatest gift you can give is that of your own self-transformation." Chinese Philosopher – Lao Tzu

Resolve to change the quality of your life and break free of what's holding you back. Experience massive breakthroughs spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, in your business and in your relationships, every single day. Take a quantum leap in the understanding of your consciousness and harness the limitless "Core Power" within you. Learn to Master your "Inner Game" and "Outer Game" to consistently WIN in the "Game of LIFE" by designing "The 10 Environments of YOU" for sustainable success.

The 10 Environments of YOU is a powerful way to see and design the world around you. What if you could design the world around you so that you could evolve into who you desire to be by creating environments that you evolve "IN" and that equally evolve "YOU"!

What are the 10 Environments of You?

1) Memetic - Beliefs, Ideas, Knowledge, Cultural Norms, Frameworks, Mental Maps.

2) Body - Physical body, Health, Energy.

3) Self - Personality, Gifts, Talents, Strengths, Emotions.

4) Spiritual - Connection to a Higher Source, Love & Self.

5) Relationships - Family, Friends, Life Partner, Close colleagues, Support personnel.

6) Network - Community, Strategic Partners, Customers.

7) Financial - Money, Investments, Budgeting, Insurance, Business.

8) Physical - Home, Office, Furnishings, Equipment / Technology.

9) Nature - Outdoors, Beauty, Seasons, Cycle of life.

10) Professional - Vocation, Career, Job

The game we play called life is stacked "for us", or "against" us by our own self-limiting beliefs. I coach people to breakthrough and become Life Champions in their own game. Empower yourself to play the game of life fully engaged, embracing all challenges, being fueled by your own true passion, energized by your own enthusiasm, inspired endlessly by your own vision while becoming increasingly aware and conscious and feeling deeply connected to your Divine Self playing with greater purpose! This is being a Life Champion! The Spirit of PLAY lives in you!


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