GP Elite Inc

Direct Marketing, Retail Sales, and Consulting in Reno, Nevada

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Welcome to GP Elite Inc! We were founded in Reno, Nevada on the principles of integrity, resilience, loyalty, and built with a team that has a work ethic second to none. Call us old-fashioned, but these irreplaceable qualities have led us to be a leader in our industry and will continue providing us with the much-desired growth we intend to have in the near future!

Being true to our roots, we believe that greeting every single customer with a smile and a handshake goes a long way. GP Elite Inc is a small marketing and sales company that specializes in direct customer acquisitions for highly sought-after multi-billion dollar clients. It may not be an easy task, but our team will do what it takes!

There’s a quote that we are particularly fond of by Eric Thomas that states that "the difference between those who succeed and fail: not taking advantage of opportunities." Within the marketing and sales industry, or any industry that values entrepreneurship, taking risks and taking advantage of the opportunity given to you is extremely important. GP Elite Inc is proud to offer an opportunity for professionals to get their feet in the door with a company and work their way into a managerial role from the ground floor up.

It is not too common anymore to find a company that truly values what individual people have to offer rather than just the results of a common group. At GP Elite Inc, we know that our group results are a combined effort of each individual person. So we choose to value the uniqueness and watch everyone succeed as they take advantage of their opportunity. In entrepreneurship, the opportunities are endless, and GP Elite Inc is just beginning.

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