Grace Broughton

Los Angeles

My life is still waiting to be written, but I think I do a pretty good job of trying to fill in the blanks.

I'm a writer, and I like to write. A lot. I'm pretty nifty with a camera, and there isn't anything I can't find inspiration in. Making people laugh is my second super power and admit it, it just worked on you. After earning my MFA, I realized there's nothing left to do but to just "do". and I am. A lot.

If you have to force yourself to do what you love, you're not doing it right. All I've ever wanted to do was tell a story and I am. Everyday.

Check out my website:

There you'll find other ways to say hello and check out my current projects and news, and also my eye from behind a viewfinder.

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    • Saint Augustine's University, 2010 BA & Univerity of Miami, 2012 - MFA