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So, youve conquered the acquiring off plan challenge and now youre contemplating your next project. Perhaps you have thought about acquiring a piece of land and designing your dream house your self, away from the coast further inland where it is said to be less expensive. If the getting off program procedure took a bit of finding employed to then finding preparing permission may well really feel like crossing a minefield.

Every single regional government has its personal method of dealing with new developments. To discover additional info, please check out: relevant webpage. In Valencia and Andalucia there have been several modifications lately.

In Valencia the controversial Land-Grab Law has been overruled a lot to the relief of hundreds of homeowners, amongst them numerous expats.

The Andalucian government has realised the trend for foreigners to acquire low cost land so they have began to pressure town halls to be stricter with granting organizing permission. Buyers of land are usually left waiting for months for permits, which can be frustrating for those keen to get on with their tasks.

Am I totally free to construct on any land in Spain?

No, before you get any land you ought to verify that it will be eligible for a constructing permit. Any plot classed as a finca rustica has been zoned as agricultural or rustic land which signifies that it will fall into any a single of the 3 categories of Protected, Restricted or Developing land.

With a permit to develop on rustic land you will have to conform to set conditions. You must take a Spanish speaking solicitor with you to locate out the precise status with land. For one more standpoint, consider looking at: url. If they say that you can create on a plot, ask for written confirmation.

Who grants arranging permission?

The regional municipal town halls. This signifies that the ease of obtaining a constructing permit (licencia/permiso de obra) varies dependent on the region.

What do I need to take?

So, youve purchased your plot which you know is eligible for a constructing permit and you have your deeds (escritura). You want to locate a excellent architect, ideally advised locally. The architect will put together the plans of your proposed house. You should submit these plans with the application and the fee