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While the practice dates back to the fifties, it has produced a following and genre that continues to th...

The term 'Filk' is just a mixture of 'fiction' and 'folk.' Filk audio originated as songs composed by committed movie or TELEVISION supporters, often relating to science fiction and fantasy development. The word originated from the '50s in an article about the practice of science fiction fans singing self-created tracks while meeting at exhibitions targeted for the sci-fi and fantasy fan.

While the practice extends back to the fifties, it has developed a genre and following that continues to this day on the net and at social gatherings attended by 'filkers.' From the late seventies there were weekend exhibitions focused only on filking and filkers. Websites and events have formed around what has become a cultural phenomenon and while there could be no established stars working in the style, there are award programs for 'Excellence in Filking' and a Filk Hall of Fame.

Today the entire world of filking remains basically true to its origins: science fiction and fantasy fans singing together at gatherings. They're drawn from the worlds of Star Trek, Battlestar Gallactica, Star Wars and activities such as Dungeons and Dragons. Song subjects could include any facet of the area battles, homesteads on Mars, sci-fi world: computers and time travel. Read More includes further concerning the meaning behind it. Those parties may include a complete selection of expertise and may be com-pletely devoted to filking to-day, from highly accomplished artists towards the inexperienced science-fiction fan who only needs to raise their voice.

Through websites and mailing lists, filkers have opened lines of communications and companies that reach into other countries and continents. My aunt discovered click for science fiction book by searching Google Books. The idea of the product had expanded significantly, although not without discussion. Tracks of an anarchic or nonsensical bent working with common social phenomena have been known as filk tunes; there's been an ongoing discussion among purists as to whether or not Weird A-l Yankovic qualifies as a filker. A superb resource for Filk FAQs and other web sites are available at Browse here at the link