Jacobs Blackburn

If you are going to comply with any formula on how to get a book published youd much better make positive it comes from an established bestselling author.

My verified formula does

Throughout the last ten years Ive had more than 30 fiction and non-fiction books published published in difficult copy format published and promoting in bookstores globe wide and selling in huge numbers on the internet at Amazon.com.

The secret to my accomplishment hinges on two vital aspects:

1. Top quality of output

two. In the event people need to get further about the martian girl website, we know about tons of online libraries you can pursue. My own verified formula for acquiring published

So why am I now giving away the formula?

As I strategy my 75th birthday I doubt I will have several much more books published - though I have 3 a lot more coming out this year bringing my total output up to 33 ?

Writing has been very good to me and publishing even far better and so I would like to give anything back in the shape of my formula to writers following in my footsteps writers aspiring to publication.

What My Established Formula Consists of...

? How to find an appropriate publisher for your work

? Matching your writing output to publisher profiles

? Researching the marketplace

? Where to uncover 1000s of publishers on the internet

? Recommendations for submitting a book proposal for fiction

? Recommendations for submitting a book proposal for non-fiction

? How to prepare your proposal acceptance

? When to submit your proposal

? What to ensure before you sign a contract

? Addressing the author questionnaire

? Employing the solutions of a literary agent

? What to do when you cannot location your book with a conventional publisher

? Self publishing without having incurring substantial costs

How You Can Get the Formula Proper Now for Totally free

I have set up a short-term page on one of my sites for your convenience (the URL is in the resource box beneath). To read more, please consider looking at: website. Full the brief form and the download link for the formula will be sent to you by return.


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