Lausten Mcneil

When my initial book (The Cliffhanger) was published almost seven years ago, I had high hopes of its achievement. I imply I am, after all, a PR particular person so how difficult could it be to marketplace fiction? Granted, up till that point I hadn't taken on a lot of fiction well, to be truthful I hadn't taken any fiction. Fiction is hard and every person knows it. But now I was going to get my possibility, and what greater way to start off than on my own book? When The Cliffhanger hit the #1 spot on Amazon it was no accident, it was a inventive push that got it to #1 and ironically, the pitch that prompted this Amazon soar had practically nothing to do with the book. Curious? Then read on.

When I was first pushing The Cliffhanger I did all the factors a great fiction author is supposed to do. I sent out overview copies, created a stunning press release, scheduled book events. All of these items have been wonderful, but they didn't give it the momentum the book genuinely needed to succeed. The book signings were very good, but a tad boring, the press was interested, but not adequate to function me far more than after. I knew I necessary to do one thing, but let's face it, when you're writing romance its tough to locate a pitch that has the stickiness to it to, properly, stick. When you happen to be taking a fiction book to industry you require to have far more to hang your star on than a groovy story you want anything the media can sink their teeth into, you want grit. That 'grit' is the reality piece of your story.

The truth is there is usually a thread of reality that weaves via each piece of fiction. Discover your reality and personal it, if need be, craft your pitch around it. Let's say you wrote a book about a woman overcoming domestic abuse. You've accomplished your investigation, you know the stats, in reality, you might even be deemed an specialist. Why not then turn a portion of your campaign into a domestic violence pitch? The identical can be said for just about anything. They important here is to find that grain of reality and see if it's exciting enough to develop a new peg. When you've located your hook, own it. What I imply is turn out to be the specialist on that hook and familiarize oneself with ever statistic, every single study and each and every new trend.

When The Cliffhanger was released I quickly realized that marketing romantic fiction was only going to take me so far, but advertising the technique