Andrew Graff

This being an page, might as well start with some background! I am a junior at UMASS- Amherst, studying Building Construction Technology (BCT), hoping that will lead to good things in the future! Born and raised in the suburbs of NYC, hoping to move to anywhere but when I graduate!(but don't all kids say that?!). My passion I will talk about today is guns and shooting! Not the usual twenty-year old, college student topic, am I right!? I know what your thinking, so close to the city and obsessed with guns!? Nope. The suburbs of the city are still considered the suburbs up to an hour out, and that's me! Ever since I was a young boy, 3 years old to be exact, I went out to the range by my house and stood right next to my dad whenever he shot, no matter what. As i got older and purchased my own firearm I joined him and shot. Eventually he taught me everything that needed to be known about skeet shooting. For all you newbies...->>>(

As I got older and more mature, my skill level increased exponetially. Sooner than later I got better than my father and better than most adults that I shoot with(that have been shooting for 30+ years). These past years I have participated in registered shoots, and although I do not come in first, I do better than most and keep getting better.

I recently shot with (small world) an alumni from UMASS business school who is the coach of the shooting team for West Point Military Acadamy as well as a certified skeet instructor. He told me with a few fixes I could be shooting professionally in a few years. That was the push I needed. From here on out, I tell myself practice WILL make perfect. (So if you a few years check the olympic team and/or national team for me! There is always a slight chance!!)

We talked about creating a skeet shooting team for UMASS. Although there may be some tough obstacles to get over, I believe next semester or the semester after I will have started a shooting team. Can you believe that!? A gun team out of Massachusetts?!... I hope.

Being a somewhat active member in the Gun Club here at UMASS, I know I have student body back up for team members. Also being a member of the NRA I believe if I need help and/or advice to start a skeet team in college, they will be more than helpful.

If you are interested in learning about guns/skeetshooting/construction please contact me!