Graham Street Street.Media.Inc

As well as a dedicated instructor at Assiniboine Community College, Graham is a practicing documentary filmmaker and independent production business owner. He has multiple documentary films and series currently 'airing' on MTS TV Stories from Home including 'Warpaths: Ghost Camps', 'Warpaths: Every Town Had Soldiers' and 'Performance & Place: En Pointe' to name a few titles. He is the founding member of the Brandon Industry Group, and he is also the Executive Producer of the Brandon Industry Group collaborative project 'patchworks'.

Graham is a graduate of the Interactive Media Arts program, then called Media and Communications, he continued his studies and achieved a distinction in his Masters of Arts degree in archaeology and television production from Bristol University in the United Kingdom and he has nearly twenty years of experience within the television production and broadcast industries.

Graham's current fields of academic research include Documentary Production, Portraiture of Place and Problem Based Learning teaching methodologies.