Granger Willson

My name is Granger Ferrell Valentine Willson, and I like to think of myself as a good guy. I live in a city called New York, in a state called New York (The City So Nice They Named it Twice). I'm not from here originally. I'm from a little town in California called Laytonville. In Laytonville, I lived on a farm and worked at my family's organic grocery store selling food to hippies and hipsters.

Now that I'm in New York, I'm actively studying Film and Television at New York University, at the Tisch School of the Arts. As a film student, I get hands on experience that really helps me understand the way movies are made. Also, I'm in school, taking classes like "Language of Film," in which, we literally just watch movies. So that's pretty cool. So far, New York is perfect (apart from loud jackhammers outside my third floor window, overpriced "vintage" clothes, and taxi drivers that seem to have a personal vendetta against all pedestrians.)

I've worked as a freelance videographer for mulitple theaters in California, and work now as a storyteller intern at NYU's social media office, hashtagNYU. I look forward to the days to come!