Grant Millin

Sustain NC Developer and Innovation Strategist in Asheville, NC

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Grant Millin is an strategy innovator and owner of InnovoGraph. InnovoGraph offers strategic innovation services and management consulting. InnovoGraph supports strategists with value-amplifying strategy, innovation and design capabilities.

Consultants should be able to support results in two areas: strategy and innovation. InnovoGraph makes strategic innovation work.

Organizations of scale—even communities—grapple with a mix of complexity, effective strategy search, missing innovation supports, and talent potential losses. Wiping out greater wisdom and key activities due to poor engagement and absence of a solid, amplifying strategic innovation capability is too easy.

InnovoGraph's methods add up to the profound difference between mostly conversation about strategy and innovation... or actual strategic innovation leading to workable ideas, optimized talent energy, growth or renewal. InnovoGraph is about supporting strategists in getting organized to do strategy and innovation with a visual management system and social business platform.

InnovoGraph clients are left with the engagement solution and an interactive, true ‘living document’ with solution breakdown. The strategic, innovation and/or business plans—as well as component ideas with business cases—are available in this new Connected Strategist environment.

InnovoGraph supports these strategists—leaders, stakeholders, managers, and staff—as we develop value offers capturing greater options. The InnovoGraph approach enhances existing client methods by establishing a frontend ‘design thinking place’ for more powerful strategy and innovation outcomes.

  • Work
    • InnovoGraph LLC
  • Education
    • Master of Project Management
    • Master of Entreprenuership
    • B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies, Sustainability and Security Studies