Grant Truesdell

Life Coach, Musician, and entrepreneur in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Grant Truesdell

Life Coach, Musician, and entrepreneur in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Grant Truesdell is a performance coach, musician, and entrepreneur. Endorsed by major brands such as IBANEZ and playing in the international touring band called UNLEASH THE ARCHERS. He is also the founder of TEST YOUR METAL RECORDS (founded in 2015) and currently building his own personal brand focusing on transformational coaching and spiritual development


I truly believe that the MEANING of life is to discover your unique gift, and then the PURPOSE is to give it away.

My name is GRANT TRUESDELL and I have a personal mission to help you UNLOCK your true POWER and to help you UNLEASH it to the world. To help you awaken to your TRUE NATURE and live the highest quality of life possible - emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually.


1. ACCOUNTABILITY: Let me help you reach your goals and hold you accountable to what you truly want to achieve.

2. DECISION MAKING: After our conversations, you'll be making different decisions that will benefit your life and overall well-being.

3. AWARENESS & CLARITY: You'll become more aware of the issues that may be impacting your life, thus making it possible to make progress.

4. STRATEGY SUPPORT: We will work on strategies together to help you achieve your goals.

5. FRIENDSHIP AND MORAL SUPPORT: I will be a supportive listener and sounding board in your life.

6. EMOTIONAL & SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE: You will improve your emotional and spiritual well-being with me as your coach.

I don’t claim to have all the answers or to be some sort of guru but I have a burning passion to help other, to find their gift and to find a way to contribute to the world in a special way. To help people live in the moment with a peace of mind like no other. And to help relieve as much suffering as I possibly can.

I would love to connect and share more of my story, to get to know you and help you achieve heights in this lifetime that you've only been dreaming of. Maybe you’ve achieved a great deal of success on the outside but are lacking the fulfillment that will truly make you happy. Perhaps you stopped dreaming a long time ago and have forgot what it feels like to be alive. Or it might be that you’re lacking that sense of spiritual nourishment that is so lacking in this world. I say it’s time to rekindle the inner child in you let your dreams run wild again.