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GRC Training Solutions is a premier training and solutions company that conducts high impact training's in Corporate Governance, Regulatory Compliance, Quality Management and Risk Management.

GRC training modules are designed and facilitated by industry experts who possess a strong theoretical and working knowledge of the required regulatory compliance requirements. GRC Training Solutions uses Government and industry best practices and relevant software tools to help companies of all sizes accelerate business performance by helping them understand how to effectively operate within the various guidelines and regulatory frameworks.The training modules are designed for senior and mid level management and executives.

GRC Training Solutions offer companies tailor made solutions that suit different professional needs and are available in different mediums– live training sessions at conferences or in-house classroom training, consultation, webinars, seminars and podcasts. Whichever training module the organization opts for- classroom training or webinar – each attendee will gain a thorough understanding of the key concepts of Corporate Governance. Even after professionals successfully complete the training sessions, GRC Training Solutions experts are available to answer queries and provide whatever assistance is required.

What makes GRC Training Solutions unique is a proven track record, use of latest technology, updated and engaging training modules and competitive pricing.

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