Greg McCaw

I've decided that I'm going to start writing a blog, what I'll talk about will vary more than the contents of an economy sausage from your local supermarket and to be honest the value of the literature written will be pretty much be the same as the value of that sausage.

What I'm offering up will never have been intended to be part of your five a day of intellectual stimulation but if you like my humour you'll have defintely tasted something organic and fresh, I think the best way to describe me is as if I'm a newly released book, so here's what the critiques have to say-

"His honesty is like a prescription drug, you'll want to take it now and again, but never go over the recommended daily dose"

"His humour sits on a knife edge"

"Loves to people watch and offer up a running commentary"

"Will never suffer stupidity gladly"

"Never let your guard down, there is a fierce intellect ready to challenge you"