Gregory Kontos, DipWSET

Athens, Greece

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Hey there! I'm Gregory Kontos, born on April 8th, 1981. I come from Athens, Greece.


I have studied at the Athens University of Economics and Business. In 2010 I participated SWY, a fascinating United Nations University international youth program by the Cabinet Office of Japan that helped me interact with young people throughout the World. IEK Le Monde, Sommelier course was a 180 hours course focusing in everything that revolves around wines and spirits. I am also a WSET Level 4 Diploma Graduate.


I work for our family business Aegean Food Exports, which is specialized in exporting Greek Food and Drinks. In 2012 I have founded Aegean Wine Selections, a department of the same Company exclusively dedicated to exporting some of the best Greek Wines and Spirits.


It happened as a joke. I was an amateur wine taster since 2007. After returning from Japan I was planning to move to the States. Needing to find out what on Earth I could do over there, I realized wine was a big thing in California. I went over, met many awesome people, visited 45 wineries and tasted innumerous wines. Even though I had a blast, I didn't like the wine+limo attitude. So while I was driving their enormous freeways, I had taken my decision: to go back to Greece, learn more about wines, study, develop Aegean Wine Selections and spread the word about Greek Wines' awesomeness.

Oh, and I blog my wine travels; my blog is called Gregory's Wine Journal.


That's where my soul is dedicated to, I have the travel bug. I am quite lucky, as my work involves a lot of traveling. I love meeting different people and lifestyles. I see traveling as an inspirational activity, a kind of meditation and I seek for authentic travelling experiences...

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    • Athens University of Economics and Business