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Handicap Review is a web based company set up for users (handicap or not) to review opinions and experiences others have posted about businesses, facilities and venues they have utilized, or had association with, as well as share their own experiences. Handicap individuals are often overlooked, yet represent a significant portion of the global population. With over 15 percent of the global community classified as "handicap" or "disabled", it is necessary to educate and make proactive changes to the perception of this important group. HandicapReview.com intends to highlight the increasing need for service within the disabled community and educate those in need of the assorted services that are currently available for this wide and varied community of handicap individuals, their caretakers, loved ones and the like.

Handicap Review believes no one is truly disabled. Handicap individuals have a different perspective on life and meeting its challenges. It is important to educate others on that perspective and the changes that need to be made in order for the handicap community to meet and overcome challenges efficiently, safely and successfully. Handicap Review strives to inform in a positive and constructive manner to achieve the necessary changes and help others positively identify with those living with a handicap.

Terry Loerch founded Handicap Review after he suffered a spinal cord injury. While navigating the challenges presented to him in the aftermath of this injury Terry became intimately aware of the varied and multiple challenges faced by those who live and work with a handicap in the global community. Handicap Review was created from those experiences, as well as Terry's experience with the handicap students he educated. In the process, Terry became aware of the need for a global change in the way the handicap community is viewed. Handicap Review wants to remove any and all stigmas that have been associated with being "disabled", as well as shorten and ease the learning curve experienced by an individual when they become disabled. Our goal is to change the way handicap individuals are viewed in society, gather and rally the handicap community and make our voices heard as a collective unit.

Please fill out our registration and help those voices develop into a platform that will garner change. The larger our numbers are, the louder our voices will sound and broader