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Thanks for checking out my profile ... I started a meetup group in my area a little more than 4 years ago and things are going great ...

Business owners from all industries are getting together to enjoy food, drinks, network and listen to special guest speakers on topics to help them grow their business like branding, marketing and selling.

For now we are located and focused on Fairfield County Connecticut with monthly meetups in Stamford and bi-weekly meetups in Stratford. We are looking to add more towns very soon.

If you have your own service business or thinking of starting one this will get you the connections and skills needed for the next level.

Check out my social media links for updates events coming up and blogs to get you going in the meantime.

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    • The Business Meetup
  • Education
    • Master's Degree in Accounting and Financial Management
    • Bachelor's Dregree In International Business
    • Certified Coach From The John Maxwell Team