Hector Batista

Los Angeles CA

Born and raised in the New York City of the 80's, Hector spent his formative years documenting the streets that raised him, paving the way to his multi-facetted career as a photographer, a director and now a writer. Hector loved what NYC had taught him, but he realized that his freedom to express himself had died in the familiarity of the city he's spent his life in. Taking his passion for technology and his curiosity of the unknown, Hector left everything behind in NYC and moved to Los Angeles with nothing other than his commitment to be better at his craft. Utilizing the art of the moving picture to evoke an emotion is all Hector's ever wanted to do with his life. Seeking not only creative expression in Los Angeles, Hector hopes this new unfamiliar terrain may be instrumental in shaping a stronger, better, and more hopeful human being.