Hedi Rusdian

Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Age isn’t a criterion for someone to reach his dream. That’s the thing that Hedi Rusdian shows to us. In his 21 years old, he has been a President Director of the world-fame rock n’ roll jewelry brand “Fourspeed Metalwerks”.

Never imagine in his mind before that his company work will be used by Sepultura band in it’s performance. Moreover, then, involved in a cooperation with that trash metal band as an official merchandise producer.

“Previously, it was just my thought that our work could be used by Sepultura Band. Apparently, it came true.” Hedi said.

His dream came true on November 2012, that Brazil band signed a deal with Hedi’s company, Fourspeed Metalwerks. In that cooperation, Hedi’s side asked to make a jewelry collaboration, such as buckle and skull ring design as a wish.

Hedi’s dream not all of sudden realized, Hedi and his team tried hard to reach that opportunity. Although, he had to fight all of effort but they never give up to make their product well-known in international depths.

Before he gets success like now, his sacrifice isn’t useless. Since he was in the first grade of Junior High School, he had to seek for some money by himself to add his pocket money and to deepen his passion in art and music. “At that moment, my pocket money was just 3 thousands rupiah. It wasn’t able to buy anything, was it? That’s why, Everyday i go to school on foot. Started from it, I realized that i must have an additional funds and started to join drawing and designing course. Finally, i began to try effort in selling clothes, selling wristwatch, join overhang clothes sell with some friends, selling metal ticket concert, I’ve ever been a courier, and the funniest thing was I’ve ever sold cosmetics too.” He said.

In Senoir High School, he changed how the way he thinks, he didn’t seek for money, just to add his pocket money. He started to know his passion and made it as one of his aim in life. Unfortunatelly, in 2007-2008 the business was in trouble. Hard to perved local market, made the selling was choked up.

He evaluates that appreciation of Indonesian people in art is still less. Especially to unfamous brand. Afterwards, he tried hard to think in order that his desire didn’t stuck too.

“Our works have had an international standard quality. According to me, it’s not about the product itself, but the mistake is on the placement of the product that hasn’t been appropriate,

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