Hazel Gayle C. De Perio

upon the barricades

Hey everybodey! Some call me Hazel, others call me Gayle, but here's one thing I assure you nobody calls me C.

Here are Random Facts about me!: ( it rhymes! me - C. mehehe)

I can't live without God, my family, food, air, shelter, clothes (You don't say), music, movies (special recognition: Les Miserables, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Life of Pi, Star Wars, Animated Films and many many more) Likes to watch horror movies but gets scared afterwards. Fascinated with Sports. Was a softball player until I got my eyeglasses. :( Ya know the ball might hit your face and the glasses will break into your eyes and eventually become blind. When I get bored, I do some 9gagging. MY LOVE FOR FOOD CANNOT BE EXPRESSED IN WORDS. I am a girl who eats a lot but doesn't grow like Honey Boo Boo's mother. I LOVE JUST LOVE THE WALKING DEAD. If there would be a zombie apocalypse I'd probably survive for you know, a couple of years or so. I'm pretty confident, IF I ONLY HAD A WAR TANK WITH UNLIMITED SUPPLY OF GASOLINE. AND FOOD. I swim like a swimmer. I am in the stage of being Butterfly-er.I look up to William Shakespeare, Wants to be a lawyer or food scientist in the future. Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Tom Hooper, Ryan Higa, Robert Downey, Heston Blumenthal and a bunch of smart/amazing/cool people. AND OF COURSE I LOOK UP TO GOD.

That is all I remember about myself. Goodbye and may the force be with you. :*