Heidi Heidelberg


Heidi Heidelberg is an ironic and soulful songstress hailing from the savagery of London's hedge-lined suburbia. When kept at a cool temperature she resonates on long vowels and socio-critical ditties that she calls rant-chanson. Once heated she vibrates on more sensual ballads, or grooves to rhythms picked up from foraging around African soils and dusty jazz LPs. Armed with just a Fender, a loop-pedal and operatic lungs, she is easily transportable and suitable for most soils, and best served hot.

With a notoriously big mouth and a matriarchal stage presence, she has the Parisians at La Cigale and Le Divan du Monde, the Berliners at Antje Oeklesund and the Brits at Cabaret Voltaire (Edinburgh)The Finsbury and The Old Queen's Head.