Heidi McCrary

Kalamazoo MI

I am Managing Partner with Ad Shop, etc. We are boutique, full-service advertising agency located in West Michigan. We offer marketing services ranging from branding to commercial production - providing everything from a marketing perspective to make your business successful. With over 30 years of media experience, I've learned a few things about advertising. 1) If you stick with most any ad medium long enough, it will work for you. 2) I don't care what TV, radio station, social medium YOU like...I care about the habits of your customers. 3) Taking a marketing class in college does not make you a marketing expert...trust me on that one. I am also a writer. No, really. I write for our clients and for a magazine. I and also working on my first novel. Yes, I know everyone is a writer and working on their first novel. But I really am.