Heidi Cowie

"I spent years watching people come into my office - many of them on stress leave - having let personal and work problems simmer until things finally exploded. I was convinced there was a way to implement a program that could help people when they needed help - immediately. Stresschat is the answer to this problem."

Meet Heidi Cowie; Heidi is a trained counsellor with a vision to change the way life skills and stress relief is delivered.

Since 2001, Heidi has operated a private practice offering everything from marriage and family counselling to individual counselling - growing her practice from a home location to her current office in Burlington, Ontario. Skillfully combining her corporate experience of 25 years with good old-fashioned common sense, Heidi is an expert in counselling her client in the many issues they face.

Heidi also shares her information freely with an eye to helping the general population recognize the effects of stress. She has been quoted as a relationship expert in The Hamilton Spectator, The Toronto Sun, Readers Digest, Parenting Magazine, CH Television and Rogers Daytime.

Heidi is also a speaker and published author of the book, "Overgivers - Walking the Tightrope Between Love and Guilt."

Her clinical specialties include Counselling/Therapy, Anxiety, Depression, and Conflict Management but her passion is in Stress Management - a growing area of concern in today's busy world.

Heidi’s specialty training over and above her Bachelor of Social Work includes:

Managing a Legal and Ethical Social Work Practice, P.I.P.E., April, 2004.

Crises Intervention, P.I.P.E. May, 2004.

End of Life Issues.New Guidelines.New Thinking, HHSC, September, 2003

Pastoral Counselling, Jonathan Ministries, June, 2004

Brain Gym, Hincks - Dellcrest Centre, April, 2008

Stress Depression and Pain, September, 2008

The Cost of Hidden Stress, Dr. Gabor Mate, 2009

Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator, July, 2010

Psych-K Facilitator, September, 2010