mituna captor!!

hi im mituna captor but you can also call me jim if you want! i'm a fictive of an alternate timeline mituna captor (you can ask me about my memories if you want) and im also kin with jim fowler from the chzo mythos! its okay to follow if you're a mituna from an alternate/alpha timeline, but please don't follow if you're also kin with jim unless you had a drastically different timeline, in that case, just ask to follow (though i probably won't tag you as me). my primary kins are amata almodovar from fallout 3/fallout shelter and monster kid from undertale, and i'd prefer if you don't follow if you share either of those kins!

i'm bigender (he/she/they) and demisexual demiromantic. i'm not in a platonic or romantic relationship at the moment and not really looking for one.

uh, my instagram is here and my tumblr is here if you wanna follow them!! thanks for reading this!