Helen Cepeda

Jupiter, Florida

I am a young 25 year old woman born and raised in Glendale, California who moved to Florida almost 3 years ago. I never really thought my life would be where it is. I came to Florida to be closer to my parents who moved here to retire. I did not expect to stay as long as I have, but there is a certain beauty to Florida that makes you change your mind. I mean who can beat sunny weather all year round with beaches that I would consider heaven on earth. Before moving to Florida,I went to the University of California of Riverside where I received my Business Administration Degree. Unfortunately, for many reasons things did not work out for me in making a career for myself in California, so I chose to look for a different path.

Things were not certainly easier with my move. It was more of an adjustment than I would have liked but being close to family certainly put a happy spin on things. Little did I know, this move helped me discover myself, it helped me become the strong woman I am today. My first job here was working at the Residence Inn Marriott in Port Saint Lucie. Amazing hotel, workers, customers. It taught me a lot about customer service. Time went by and I knew that I wanted to do more and be more. After quitting my job I found myself being part of the Avant Garde Team, as a transactions coordinator, in Keller Williams, Jupiter. This was my first time doing anything in Real Estate. I did not realize it at the time that I was learning the business of Real Estate from the inside out.

As 2012 reached its end, I made the decision to make Real Estate my career. Going from a transactions cordinator to being the actual Realtor has been life changing. I have pushed myself in ways I never thoughts I could. I look at how I want to run my career and I consider myself a Real Estate Match Maker. I want to make that connection between myself and the client which will lead me to understand their needs and wants and transform that into helping them find the home of their dreams. It is not only about the client, it is about all of us coming together and making it the best experience possible.

  • Education
    • Business Administration, University of California of Riverside