Helene Kontchou

Data Scientist, Writer, and Happiness Coach in Paris, France

Helene Kontchou

Data Scientist, Writer, and Happiness Coach in Paris, France

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Hi, I’m Helene. I’m a famous Data Scientist, Writer, and Happiness Coach living in Paris, France. I'm a fan of music, beaux-arts, yoga, storytelling and travelling. Guess what, I'm also a Dreamer. This is what I see when I'm daydreaming:)

"C'est faire confiance à la vie que de se mesurer à l'impossible" Ionesco.

"My dream is to inspire people to build the United States of Earth for All (USEA), a one single, large, happy, home country for every human being by 2035.

The dream of a planet wisely and swiftly shifted back to a "World as One", an edenic reunified Nation full of understanding, synergies, peace, "strength to love", beauty, prosperity, balanced migrations, respect for nature diversity, equal human rights and opportunities; sharing a common currency, as well as a core of challenges, ideals, policies and resources; setting itself free from horror borders walls.

My ambition is to share this dream to all becoming "Planetriots" (Patriots of our precious gifted common planet above all other allegiance to any geographical area). Therefore, to dare going far beyond a legacy of fears of migrants or nombrilist desires of geopolitical and economic omnipotence of our only lobby, country, region, continent or ethnicity, religion, culture.

Actually, in-depth research in economy, social sciences and positive psychology led to a compelling discovery: as incredible to believe as it may appears, the inescapable, most efficient solution to tough global issues of our planet such as indigence, racisms, wars, terrorism, high unemployment, developing issues, immigration crisis, environmental challenges, increasing society unhappiness, simply starts here, within our reach, in this CHANGE of paradigm:

Oui, mon Pays c'est la Terre, la nôtre à tous! Mon Monde c'est l'Univers! Et vous?"


We share the same dream or you just "like"/"hate"/"?how" this idea? Make this conversation viral. Globalists and pioneers such as Kant or President Woodrow Wilson ahead us opened the door for us to go further. Dear planetriots, let's all making Earth utterly happy again! ;)

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  • Education
    • Data Science Engineering, ENSAI - France
    • Communication in Business, Harvard University -USA
    • The Science of Happiness, Yale University - USA
    • Economics Research, Sorbonne University - France
    • CPGE MathSpe MP*, Lycee Buffon, France