Helene Tremblay

Montreal, Qc Canada

I am a world traveler, author and photographer, and speaker. Precursor of the view

that it is essential for human evolution to know each other, I started, 30 years ago, the ambitious journey of presenting Humanity to Humanity. I introduce the world’s residents by living with, photographing, and writing about families (who represent the conditions of living of the majority.)

I have today shared the life of families in 116 countries. This unique experience has given me an original insight into global issues and an unprecedented intimate knowledge of Humanity.

Fifteen books have been (published and) distributed in Canada, USA, Australia and France. This project has received support from agencies such as CIDA and UNICEF, UNFPA, UNESCO and companies such as Olympus and the Body Shop International. Her photographic works has been exhibited at the United Nations in New York, at the Cultural Foundation of Abu Dhabi as well as in France and Germany. (more at http://helenetremblay.ca or http://humanspace.net)
My families of the world on flicker: http://alturl.com/zwyaq

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    • Author, photographer and speaker