Helen M. Tucker

Helen M. Tucker

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Management Training & Development Facilitator.

Helen Tucker, Business Excellence Achievement Winner 2007

Candace ‘Business Woman of the Year 1997’

‘The Voice’ newspaper nominee for Community Achievement 1998

Victorious, pioneering Trainer & Consultant

International Career Expert

Career Expert with the Academic Qualification

Helen has a BA Honours Degree in Business Studies,

Further Education Teachers Certificate

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Her extensive wealth of experience as Senior Consultant, Trainer and Lecturer, has enabled her to concentrate on assisting individuals, teams and companies to access their full potential.

Innovative and Creative Training Courses

Her work has included designing, managing and delivering customised training for Senior Managers and Supervisors, Administrative and Clerical staff as well as delivering vocational courses, within a diverse range of organisations, all have tapped into the series of innovative, unique, interactive courses, workshops and management programmes.

The successful ‘Career Development Programme’ that she designed has been accredited by EDEXCEL offering a BTEC certified qualification. Helen’s passion is clearly and constantly demonstrated by the referrals received by many of her clients and peers. Helen, who has trained hundreds of people from a variety of backgrounds, places and positions, views her mission statement as underpinning her success. Her mission statement is:

‘Learning to believe in oneself, recognising & respecting those needs gives inner strength to achieve the impossible’