Help Me Pay My College Fee


If there is anyone who could help me pay my college tuition fee, it costs Six Thousand Australian Dollars! My parents are currently in trouble with the bank and are unable to help me. They do not have a stable job and the money they are earning right now is only enough to pay the bills and food. I am trying to find a job but no one seems to hire me because I have no degree or no experience at all!

This would really make me happy and not depressed anymore thinking about what I am going to do. I am unable to sleep by thinking I have to pay 6k by myself.

Even just a little donations from people now and then would help. I would be thankful enough even if it's not enough! I just need help paying my course fee/college fee.

After I graduate, I will be looking for a job that I can finally earn my own money not ask for help! If you could just help me now just a little bit, that would be great! Thanks in advance!