Hendra Uzia

Jakarta, Indonesia

Hendra Uzia is the software engineer of vidio.com, the largest video sharing website in Indonesia. He also contributes to the open source community on rspec-authorization and minitest-around. He loves writing, he is an author on semaphoreci.com and sitepoint.com. His writing has also been featured several times in ruby5 podcast, postgresweekly.com and rubyweekly.com.

He has more than 9 years of professional experience in software engineering and has developed myriad systems. He loves writing software using any language that suits best for the solution at hand, but his favorite languages are Ruby, Erlang and Go.

He loves Ruby the most because of the flexibility provided by the language, and the strong support of the open source community. He also likes Erlang and Go for their concurrency model, CSP pattern (Communicating Sequential Processes) that is implemented in 2 different languages, functional and object oriented language.


Browse through the links below you can find me @hendrauzia / Github

  • Work
    • PT Kreatif Media Karya
    • PT Indo System Global
    • PT Smartsoftindo International
    • PT Xerography Indonesia
  • Education
    • Bunda Mulia University
    • Mercu Buana University