Hendrik Cemumun

A pill that promises the ability to make one's sleep becomes more soundly without any panic away side effects is reportedly currently being developed.

The pill has reportedly been successfully tested on animals. With the label 'deep sleep with no panic attack side effects', the soporific named DORA.

DORA could certainly be a healer for even insomnia, such as what is written in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

During this time, sleeping pills are consumed by people with insomnia and often have negative side effects. Some of them are impaired concentration and dizziness left after waking up.

This is obviously not like the natural insomnia cures - meanwhile, DORA is designed to be directly targeting the orexin, a component of the brain that helps a person to stay awake.

As reported by the Daily Mail, DORA has been shown to overcome the problem of sleep difficulties in (poor) experimental animals, such as rats and monkeys. After waking up, the physical and mental conditions of the experimental animals were still fine.

DORA which was developed by the giant drug company that is well known around the world has unfortunately also drawn criticism from researchers. A professor of Glasgow University is the example.

The pills usually bring rapid change in the body. So definitely this still bring side effects, such as increased appetite. The prefessor added that instead of going for the insomnia medication then you should look for the root cause rather than solve it to be instantly cured.