Henk Keuris

Johannesburg, South Africa

I am a hugely inquisitive person, idea-maker, strategist, systems driven, loves change and to innovate; to look at problems and find solutions; to create system processes that are repeatable, simple and beneficial. Good at making decisions quickly and under pressure. Very quick study, and love to learn new skills and gain knowledge in new areas.

I have started two successful IT companies, one of which was recognised as a top 20 eCommerce venture in South Africa, in 2011 and 2012, outranking some of South Africa's largest online stores and listed JSE companies.

I have worked in corporate environments, as well as startups and small companies. I understand programming concepts, can follow technical discussions, and have good business acumen. I am comfortable to speak in front of people, either giving a talk or a presentation. I love to work with people, and have solid management skills and good experience running a team and managing people.