Henk Toering

Director, Consultant, and Life Coach in Utrecht, Nederland

Henk is a highly efficient and results driven, hands-on operational leader and has the right skills set needed to ensure targets are met and everything gets done on time and to budget. I’m known for my deliberate and customer focused approach and am skilled in process improvement with strategic vision and focus on profits and customer satisfaction. I am driven by creative solutions to strategic and operational challenges.

In 2012 Henk made the step towards general management due to his need to broaden and become active on an organisational and executive level. From his knowledge and experience he was able to make the connections between the strategic, tactical and operational field. In addition he can quickly switch, recognize susceptibilities within an organisation and analyse what changes are relevant for the development of an organisation. The practical dimension of the sales process remains beautiful and challenging in his eyes. Henk has a distinct ‘hands-on’ mentality.

Henk is a results-oriented, motivating connector!

Henk his environment typifies him as a driven, energetic, cordial and involved person with great enthusiasm for his work, whom finds the connections, has a casual vibe and easily earns people's trust.

☏+31 (0) 637 655 942
✉ htoering@gmail.com

  • Education
    • MBA TiasNimbas Business School