Giana Hennigan

Giana Hennigan

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My name is Giana, or Gigi as I´m known to my friends. I was lucky enough to grow up in the rebel county, Cork as it´s known to the rest of the world, in Ireland.

Two years ago, I made a life-changing move; I uprooted myself from all that was familiar to me and moved to Spain.

While the move was everything I craved, everything I needed, the journey itself wasn´t always easy. While Spanish people do have some similarities to the Irish, for example, their need to fill every silence with some form of rambling and their endless energy and desire to have fun, at times it proved difficult to adapt to their culture.

Two years on and I´m in love, completely captivated by the Spanish charm (yes, I said it, charm! ) and culture. Last April I felt the need to share my experiences with all of you, not just travel experiences but life experiences, the things that I have grown to love about being in Spain, so: I started a blog..