Henry Mark

Los Angeles, California, United States

Experienced, talented and professional actor of stage and screen and occasional corporate print model. Particularly interested in film but always open to quality projects with good people regardless of the medium. Comfortable with dramatic and comedic roles.

Henry has been a busy, working actor in Seattle and just recently relocated to Los Angeles to continue his acting journey. In the past five years, he has completed five feature films and a dozen short films in addition to modeling, stage and voice-over gigs, while holding a full-time administrative job. In Spring 2012, he landed a role opposite of Michael Pitt (Boardwalk Empire) in the feature film YOU CAN'T WIN. He also appears in the multi-award-winning movie ROGUE SAINTS, the comedy THE WHOLE TRUTH, and the sci-fi thriller PROJECT LONDON, all available now on DVD.

Henry was featured prominently in the "Dying for Love" episode of EVIL IN-LAW, a new television series on the Discovery ID channel, which aired 12/29/13, 12/30/13, 1/25/14 & 3/6/14. He also played the iconic Happy Mask Salesman in the fan-film SKULL KID: A ZELDA LEGEND, which was the third most liked video on YouTube's Machinima channel in 2013.

Henry is commercially represented by Network Talent Agency and is in the process of interviewing for film/t.v. representation. Interested agencies may contact him directly at hhmark@hotmail.com. For commercial inquiries/bookings contact Sabrina Sparlin at sabrina.networktalent@gmail.com

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