Henry Riley

Project Manager, Consultant, and Small Business Owner in South Beach, Florida

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I love to cook, but I am not a chef. I'm not perfect, but I try hard and never give up. I believe in building people to be the best that they can be ... because people are the backbone of a great country, nation and company. I have worked with the most complicated people in life and have helped them to become the great person they have become. I get my strength from above, and I am thankful to be here with everyone.

I love my family who are the ones who made me GREAT! I love my friends, both cyber and non cyber, they helped mold my character and helped open my eyes to the world. I Love my Judy .... She is responsible for putting the bling and the energy and the smile and the love back into my life. We got married on 3/4/14 and we are so happy together ...

I like to meet people from all nationalities, cultures, and beliefs. I have met many great people who, like me, just want to share their knowledge and help this world to be a better place for all of us to live.

  • Work
    • Father, Consultant, Project Manager and Friend
  • Education
    • MS Industrial Engineering with emphasis on Management of Technology