Henry Canet

Digital Marketing Consultant, Serial Entrepreneur, and Lead Generation Expert in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Henry Canet

Digital Marketing Consultant, Serial Entrepreneur, and Lead Generation Expert in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Who is Henry H. Canet?

Henry H. Canet is a successful entrepreneur who helps consultants and coaches

grow their businesses with the 4 pillars framework. And Help businesses all around the world optimize their current situation by helping them increase their profit Through Digital Marketing Strategies and Total Market Domination.

Founder of Vancouver Base Direct Sales Company and Digital Marketing Organization Canet Media Group.

Cofounder of Northamerica Fastest Growing Staffing Agency "Staff On The Go"

Founder of Canet Dynamics Digital Solutions agency focusing on Providing SEO solutions for small businesses.

Co-founder & Investor in The Kelowna Base Solar Energy Company "Boombalife" among others.

Henry Canet lives in Beautiful British Columbia in an amazing apartment with a view over Vancouver Mountains

with his Entrepreneur, Microblading Expert , flight Attendant & Beautiful Wife

Kamila Canet.

Last Year Henry was responsible for bringing an extra 1.2 million dollars in Extra revenue to his clients through Digital Marketing Strategies. Henry works on his consulting business 4 days per week and invests his earnings on the other day as well as the weekend.

Henry is known to be the go to person in the Digital Marketing industry and Lead Generation Space and

he gets awesome results for his clients. In his spare time Henry reads, listens to music and Personal Development Audios and manages his investments.

Character Traits:

Driven: Henry wakes up at 6:00 am each day and is extremely driven

Punctual: Henry is early to every appointment and is known for being punctual Smart: Henry is extremely smart and is known to be the leading person in consulting Powerful: Henry is confident and has a powerful presence

Classy: Henry presents himself well and is known for having style and class

Body Type & Style:

Haircut: Short sides, long top slicked back/combed over

Dress: White collared shirt, slim fit pants, sports jacket, brogue shoes Accessories: Rolex Daytona watch

Body Type: 80kg, skinny/slim, fit and healthy

Entrepreneur, Investor, Consultant, Style, Class, Power, Money, Wealth, Success

Vision & Mission

Henry’s vision is to become the best consultant trainer in the world and help people realise their core talent and leverage it to the fullest.

The goal is to make $10 million per year profit from consulting and his other businesses, then invest that money into stocks, LBO’s and Give back as much as he can.

The end goal is to write books, blog, mentor and invest with a ne