Herbert Huber

I have been learning the guitar and writing songs for nearly 30 years. It has given me work as a guitar teacher, paid lead guitar player and as a recording technician. It has also inspired me to become a techi and I've grown to love the process of bringing a song to an idea and to video. Its getting better and better so when I have an idea I can just produce it. I have become a techi and with modern technology I easily take an idea and produce it through video. My immediate challenges is to learn all the chords and theory (jazz). As I do so I will be making lesson video's and providing pleanty of material and original songs. herbiesplace.ca is a resource package with beginner, intermediate, advanced lessons and technical training for home studio recording. You will enjoy much of my original stuff as I write for all styles of music including rock, blues, country, pop, classical and ghospel. I have fun doing it so I hope you check it out and share it with your friends especially those who are learning guitar or love good home grown original music.