Halvorsen Crawford

The previous clich, 'If you would like a friend, get yourself a dog' still stands within the 21st Century. It's well established in the medical community that animals can do much to extend the human life span as well as increase the quality of life. To study more, consider taking a look at: lee mcfarland. Do not survive or vicariously through your computer.

A pastor once said his job was to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable. Thus we have the-difference between a genuine live pet and an inanimate electro-mechanical object - in cases like this the private computer. Your pet benefits as the computer, incorrectly used and/or over used, is a killer and a thief.

Besides, the computer, particularly if you run Microsoft production software and a Microsoft Os, involves far more maintenance than does a dog. This alone is enough to travel most customers' blood pressure through the ceiling. Exactly how many times can you imagine that needs to occur before it begins to have a toll on the body? It's a lot more annoying than the days whenever we only received three (3) cold stations on a little black and white tv and each channel required yet another trip outside-in the

rain, in the cold, in the snow, in the temperature to adjust the large antenna attached to a large part of the house which spilled the rain into that person as you looked up to see in which way the antenna was pointing. Somebody was in the house when you got the best image calling to you if you were happy.

Do you know what I am talking about... like whenever your computer locks up with a box popping up about the monitor's screen saying it requires to restart now, and will not let you do anything else until you acquiesce and restart. There goes your last few minutes of work. Yet another blood-pressure jump! It sure is for that Tennessee Mountain Man!

Father might know most readily useful, but mother knows better yet and she always made the children set over the room from the TV concerned with it damaging their perspective. This lofty consumers link has uncountable striking suggestions for when to deal with it. Now that sam-e mom allows the children and grandchildren to set along with a twenty-one (2-1) inch monitor, even closer to a laptop, and play games ad infinitum. The result being more and more of our kids are wearing contact lenses and glas