her lil' black book

well hello there... So you're here to learn a little something about women huh? First I'll explain how it's done here. We ask the questions that men have always wanted to ask women but were afraid to. From how to ask for a date to how to break up with her the right way...Ask all questions and we'll tell you no lies. I’m the girl that you call when you want advice about other girls...and when I don't have the answer - I take your question to the streets...I come in many shapes and forms: the ex-girlfriend who is now a friend, the trusted older sister, the ex-lover with no hard feelings, the cool chick in his inner circle. I don’t sugar coat the truth and I am constantly in search of other women who pull no punches. The opinions on this site are not all mine unless I say so…I welcome your comments, tweets, video responses and questions… Are you ready? Good, now stop reading and join the conversation already... herlilblackbook.com