Hermann Meingast

Hermann decided to turn his back on tourism and follow his passion for film. He thus worked his way up starting from the bottom of the ladder as production assistant for movie productions for films such as „Bin ich schön?" (Doris Dörrie), „Tal der Schatten", „Anna".working as a location manager on films such as „Tripple X" with Vin Diesel or „Rave McBeth".

In 2001-2003, he began working as a Production manager for Hochkant Films whose clients included amongst others: Siemens Imageworld Campagin, BMW and Nestle. In his time as production manager, he produced over 28 image films in Shanghai, Australia, Cape Town, America, etc.

Intrigued by new market options opening in Eastern Europe, Hermann decided to venture into the East and set up his own service production called „FatFugu" in Bukarest, Romania. Between 2003- 2004, he produced music videos for international clients such as Vanessa S., Ayman, Lamme imordell, Biza, Ozone, and commercials for Heineken, Milka, Orange, etc. Hermann mastered the challenge to produce high quality products without an existing infrastructre. He thus became one of the pioneers of the Eastern European media market making it known as an attractive and economic place for media productions worldwide. Between the years 2004-2007, he became Executive Producer for Procter and Gambleʻs Eastern Europe Production Partner „Twin Film" in Bukarest. In this time, he made over 50 international and national campaigns for various Procter and Gamble products (Braun, Gilette, Ariel/Dash, Lenor,Pringles, etc )

Always eager to strive for the next big challenge, Hermann moved to Vienna in 2007, where he worked for reputable „PPM" as Executive Producer. During his time at PPM, he worked on campaigns for: Austrian Telekom, Almdudler, Vienna Airport, OMV, Rewe Group, national lottery. In 2008, Hermann moved to Buenos Aires to work as International Producer for Tangofilms. During this time, he produced numerous award winning commercials for companies such as Peugot, Visa and Procter and Gamble.

In 2010 Hermann set up his base in the heart of Dubai and is currently working for Shortcutfilm.