Hershel Tucker

Grand Rapids Michigan

Superpowers: Husband, father, comic book writer, inker and letterer, part-time driver, full-time nerd

Hobbies: secks, learning guitar, photography, weightlifting, social networking, graphic design, making music, home improvement

Guilty Pleasures: Monster Ultra Zero Energy Drinks, junk food, brostep, IRL trolling conservatives, religious types, and family members, Naruto Shippuuden, Acid cigars

Current projects: Several comic book titles, including Earth AZ, The Aesir and The New Samaritans

Currently into: Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, SoA, alt-rock, dubstep, rap that doesn't suck, StumbleUpon, Blue Star ale, Jameson Irish Whiskey, blues, Pandora, 8tracks, Howard Stern, Detroit Lions, girls with tattoos

  • Work
    • 7 Deadly Comics