Heather Stading Gillbanks

Customer Experience Manager, Project Manager, and Small Business Owner in Houston, Texas

Heather Gillbanks

Born in Buffalo, NY, Heather grew up around the US and Canada. She has lived or worked in 10 countries, including 14 US states and 2 Canadian provinces. She attended McMaster University in Hamilton, ON, Canada, graduating with 2 degrees.

Her career has spanned from Financial services Sales, through the IT value chain, to the co-founding of GE's IT Audit Staff (IT CAS), a Technical training leader, Master Black Belt, Lean Startup coach, and now Customer Experience Leader at a building products company.

In addition to work related activities ... Heather does mixed media art, ATCs, scrapbooking, card making, and pretty much anything else you can do with paper, scissors, and a variety of adhesives.

  • Work
    • Building Products Industry
  • Education
    • McMaster University