Anna Scott

Model, Hotwife, and Sexual Wellness Coach in Las Vegas, NV

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Sexual health and wellness is paramount to a great life... mine AND yours.

I’m a model and influencer living part-time in Las Vegas, NV (and in NYC the other part) who enjoys travel, running, and sports — but my main interest lies in satisfying my incredible husband via "Permissive Promiscuity" (“P^2”) as his Hotwife/Vixen.

P^2 centers around my man sharing me with others for our personal pleasure... “bulls” aren’t invited to our party, only good-looking gentlemen who understand that I’ve got all that I need at home. The sexual freedom of P^2 has all to do with the thrill of compersion, consensual non-monogamy, and a husband ultimately reclaiming what’s his.

Together, hubby and I are a fit, attractive, intelligent and successful, well-read and socially engaging couple always looking for excitement centered on ME in action and him as my Stag. We KNOW how to turbo-charge our own marital (and my extracurricular) P^2 escapades through open communication, honesty, and empowerment. I use my “hotwifeanna” and “” platforms to not only find the right plaything(s) for me, but also to coach couples with high-libidos to enjoy P^2 within the their own boundaries.

Some stats: I’m a 5’7” 135lb well-endowed professional over 35 with great taste (in clothes, food and men), and a voracious appetite for erotic adventure. My hubby is a 40+ year old, sophisticated, charismatic former athlete (5’ 10” 185lbs) whose love for me knows no bounds. Together, we enjoy anonymity but can’t turn away a great sexual experience!

Are your “eyes wide open” to new P^2 possibilities? Couples and potential playthings may CONTACT ME below to schedule a P^2 session that will blow your mind, for a little hotwife coaching and fun, or just to flirt with me with the hopes of more.

Some PG pics are attached here, but if you’d like to see MORE of me — full nudes and more risqué shots plus naughty videos — just click on VIEW MY PORTFOLIO above. I take requests for pics and vids as well.

Can’t wait to chat with you! xoxoxo

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