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The honest people, or little people because they were known, involved banshees (from the term for fairies, sidhe, pronounced shee) and were like the leprechauns of Ireland.

Many people believe that these marvelous spri...

Fairy tattoos are fun, decorative and one of the most sensual patterns available, and therefore are an extremely popular choice for women. But that is maybe not their only appeal. I discovered check this out by browsing the Washington Sun-Times. Fairies become symbolic of several things and have have an extended and interesting history.

The fair people, or small people as they were known, involved banshees (from the Gaelic term for fairies, sidhe, pronounced shee) and were just like the leprechauns of Ireland.

Lots of people believe that these mysterious sprites were pushed underground by their opponents who employed iron weapons against them. This is supposedly why those who belived in fairies started the custom of placing a horseshoe above-the door for luck.

But before we go any further, it is very important to keep in mind the original fairies were nothing just like the sickeningly sweet type served up by Disney. The traditional fairies were free spirits who were as prone to shower gifts on people they loved as play mischievous methods on people that they did not. These were proven to play nasty tricks on people and prize elegance and kindness.

As time passes people developed various superstitions they thought would bring them luck and please the fairies. These involved, often treating them respectfully, keeping your promises and respecting the-earth (the fairies house).

Due to their beauty, these types are incredibly well-liked by women. And unlike angel tattoos, which lean more towards religion and pureness, fairies are more bizarre, more sensual and fundamentally, more representative of human life

Fairy tattoo designs usually are fragile and often have wings, but beyond they can reflect an almost endless range of mood and emotions such as pleasure, sadness, beauty, mischievousness and so forth.

When it comes to design, they're also exceptionally flexible. For instance, the basic fairy design could be coupled with an extensive range of design features, such as Celtic patterns, butterflies, plants, or other mythical animals such as dragons or unicorns. Not just does this increase the li