Paul Hough

Sport / Exercise Scientist and Lecturer in London, United Kingdom

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I am a Sport and Exercise Scientist and lecturer at St Mary’s University, Twickenham. I provide sport science support to professional and amateur athletes as well as working with a number of external organisations. I also lecture on the Health and Exercise Science programme, specialising in exercise physiology. My particular areas of interest include high intensity interval training (HIIT) and post exercise recovery.

Why did I write a book?

Having worked in the fitness industry and taught on fitness instructor and personal training courses, I was approached by a publisher to write an academic textbook for personal trainers. This book (Advanced Personal Training: science to practice) was recently published. As many people who work in the fitness industry will testify, the industry is rife with exaggerated and often inaccurate information. Therefore, my motivation for writing the book was to develop student and practicing personal trainers understanding of the scientific basis behind a number of aspects of personal training. For example, periodisation, nutrition and specific training methods. I was also keen to address a number of training myths which I have heard many times – e.g. ‘no pain, no gain!’

The ultimate goal of the book is to enable trainers to improve their ability to critique information and develop a personal training philosophy, which is underpinned by good quality evidence. In other words, I hope the book encourages trainers to use scientific evidence alongside anecdotal evidence to inform their practice.

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I am passionate about a number of sports and will watch pretty much anything. That said, my favourite sport is football; I have played since I was a kid and still (attempt) to play for a local team every Saturday - I also regularly attend Coventry City and England matches, so I have spent a lot of time and money watching my teams fail! As I work with a number of athletes, I have tried out a few different sports, none of which I am particularly great at (as anyone who’s seen me on a golf course will testify!). Aside from sport I enjoy attending travelling and watching live music, mostly rock and indie, but I have a pretty eclectic music collection from Kings of Leon to Frank Sinatra.