Dr. Howard Christian

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Life is for living, not limits. It's for embracing the implausible, achieving the impossible and awakening to the unimaginable. Life's challenges are not meant to be insurmountable obstacles, they're just...challenges.

As a MindBody health coach-practitioner, advocate and speaker, my passion is helping others live a more authentic, fulfilling and abundant life.

So if your challenge is a life-threatening disease such as advanced cancer, pain that stubbornly resists all treatment, or an intractable impulse control disorder such as trichotillomania or dermatillomania, then read on...

To help you shift to a new experience of health beyond any previously imagined boundaries between the mind and body, I've developed a unique approach that combines emotional freedom techniques (EFT) together with MindBody and conventional psychology.

This relational approach can provide the emotional, mental and physical transformation you're looking for. And all from the comfort, convenience and privacy of your favorite online environment, wherever you are in the world.

But it's not for everyone. You need to be ready to go deep into your inner material, invite in vulnerability, and open your heart.

So if you're ready to live a more authentic, vibrant and healthy life...click on the link above to schedule your complimentary consultation now!

P.S. MindBody is not just a holistic philosophy. It's a practical awareness you can use on a daily basis to create a life you love, and transform your emotional, mental and physical vitality.

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    • M.Sc. Immunology
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